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Gandom - Middle Eastern, Persian and Lebanese Restaurant in Brighton and Hove East Sussex

Welcome to our blog, where we take you on a delightful journey through the vibrant world of Lebanese, Persian, and Middle Eastern cuisine. As a restaurant, we pride ourselves on bringing authentic and mouthwatering flavours to your plate, offering an unforgettable culinary experience to our valued customers. Join us as we delve into the diverse and rich traditions of this region, exploring the wonders that our menu has to offer. Buckle up for a flavoursome adventure!

Discover the Delights of Lebanese Cuisine:

Lebanese cuisine is renowned for its freshness, bold flavours, and exciting spices. In our restaurant in Hove, we aim to serve you the most authentic dishes that embody the essence of Lebanon. From succulent kebabs and fragrant tabbouleh in the summer to creamy hummus and crispy falafel, we offer a wide array of palate-pleasing Lebanese specialties. Prepared with love and attention to detail, our Lebanese menu is the embodiment of tradition and satisfaction.

Uncover the Exotic Charms of Persian Gastronomy:

Persian cuisine, known for its rich heritage and subtle flavours, takes diners on a sensorial journey. Our restaurant expresses this elegance through each plate, offering tender and aromatic Persian kebabs, saffron-infused rice dishes, and tantalizing stews. Delight in the flavoursome combination of ingredients such as pomegranates, saffron, rosewater, and exotic spices. Prepare to be enchanted by the exotic world of Persian gastronomy’s refined taste and regal charm.

Immerse Yourself in the Extraordinary Tapestry of Middle Eastern Cuisine:

Middle Eastern cuisine, with its fascinating history influenced by various cultures, presents a truly eclectic and diverse culinary landscape. Our restaurant takes pride in crafting dishes that highlight this captivating tapestry of flavours. From the iconic shawarma, flavourful shish taouk, and aromatic biryanis to the refreshing fattoush salad and delectable baklava, our menu showcases the region’s finest culinary gems. Prepare to embrace the symphony of tastes woven into the authentic and comforting dishes from the Middle East.

A Fusion of Cultures, a Fusion of Flavours:

At our restaurant in church road hove, we go beyond offering individual cuisines. We believe in celebrating the cultural diversity of the Middle East by bringing together elements from different culinary traditions. Our menu offers innovative fusion dishes that combine Lebanese, Persian, and Middle Eastern influences, creating a harmonious blend of flavours that will leave your taste buds tingling with excitement. Indulge in mouthwatering dishes that are a true testament to our culinary artistry.


As you step into our restaurant, we invite you to embark on an enticing gastronomic journey through the realms of Lebanon, Persia, and the Middle East. Our menu is curated with utmost care to ensure an authentic and unforgettable dining experience. Whether you’re craving the robust flavours of Lebanese cuisine, the subtlety of Persian delicacies, or the remarkable diversity of Middle Eastern dishes, our restaurant in hove is here to transport you to the heart of this enchanting region. Come, savour the magic!

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